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4 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud has been a trending topic during this pandemic. But why has it gained larger traction over the past couple of years? Short answer – the cloud allows you to access your applications and tools for you to thrive in your daily job anywhere at any time.

According to reports, as of 2019, 90% of companies are in the cloud and it is predicted that by the end of 2021, 94% of their workloads will be running on hosted cloud services.

So, if your employees have yet to adopt the so-called ‘cloud’, let’s talk about some benefits of moving to the cloud for your business.

Benefits of moving to the cloud.

Improve Cost Efficiencies

Remove unnecessary costs that impact you from investing in other parts of your business. Some costs you can alleviate by going to the cloud are the following:

  • Purchasing hardware for physical data centers.
  • Utility, maintenance and operating costs associated with physical data centers.
  • Removing on-site servers.
  • Reducing staff and software costs to manage on-site servers.

    Scalability & Elasticity

    Depending on the demand for your cloud computing services, you can quickly scale up or down. If your applications, see a large surge in traffic and usage, you don’t have to worry about physical backend servers as existing cloud services (e.g. AWS, Azure or Google) will provide necessary options to scale up or down automatically and adjust during periods of downtime. This essentially provides your business with the ability to sustain based of its need – nothing more, nothing less. Such adjustments are also paid in a pay-as-you-use model so no upfront costs are incurred.

    Increased Collaboration amongst teams

    Working in groups where everyone can make real-time updates and changes simultaneously. Cloud-based workflows provide an easy and effective way of communicating between teams. Such communication without sending multiple emails or pings improves delivery results and ultimately customer satisfaction.

    Increase Mobility & Disaster Recovery

    Outside of being able to access your data from anywhere at any time, the second most common reason companies move to the cloud are for disaster recovery reasons. Backing up your data across multiple regions across the globe can be easily accessed today without having any physical infrastructure costs – providing safety to applications and data run daily and avoiding downtime for all end users and customers.

    Imagine not having to worry about an earthquake or power outage in an area where your data centers are located because you were prepared from the beginning.


    With advanced technology continuously building a digital world around us it is crucial for companies to avoid conflict that were common 20 years ago. Moving to the cloud is one of the first steps to uplifting your company’s technology stack and infrastructure.

    If you want to further understand the direct benefits to your business use case, click here to reach our team of experts who can provide you a free consultation/ analysis on the benefits for moving to the cloud – regardless of the service (AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft or any other technology platform).

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