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Introducing rockITCX: Your Future-Ready Contact Center Solution on AWS Marketplace

Your Next-generation cloud-based contact center solution for customer engagement is here! With rockITCX, the future of customer interaction is made easy with our remote-first, always-on, automated, and personalized platform, built to be device-agnostic and seamlessly integrated into your business. With an intuitive, no-coding required, out-of-the-box setup process, a tailor-made solution, and an agent interface that any employee can pick up and use right away, rockITCX empowers your business to provide transformational experiences.

Key Features and Benefits:

Cloud-Based Excellence with Superior Returns:

Leveraging innovative AWS cloud technologies and modern CRM integrations, rockITCX offers an elegant and intuitive customer experience platform that can deliver a 27% better ROI, an improved Customer/Citizen Experience, and 35% less downtime than traditional solutions.

Multichannel Engagement:

Enable seamless, intelligent interactions across phone, SMS, chat, social media, and more, all while ensuring your customers are delivered reliable first-contact resolutions leveraging skill-based routing.

AI-Driven Intelligence:

Using sentiment analysis, AI, and ML, rockITCX empowers your customers and employees to find solutions specific to your business and their needs through web, voice bots, and chatbots. When the customer needs additional help, your agent can pick up where they left off and continue using that same AI and ML to deliver first-contact resolutions. This real-time Agent Assist AI empowers employees to provide transformational solutions to your customers.

Connected Workforce:

Enhance employee engagement and workforce management through integrated solutions powered by Amazon Connect.

Try and Buy Package:

rockITCX Platform Access:

Dive into the future with a risk-free, fully featured rockITCX free trial (30-90 days) equipped with customer-facing self-service, Voice and chatbots, Agent Interface, an AI-powered knowledge lake, and more.

AWS Connect Try and By Trial Usage:

Explore AWS Connect with up to 25K minutes/month, accommodating up to 200 agents, ten queues, and three levels of IVR.

Enhanced AWS CCP Agent Desktop:

Maximize your Agent Experience using the capabilities of rockITCX’s enriched AWS CCP desktop experience.

Salesforce Integration:

Optionally, rockITCX plugs into your existing Salesforce Desktop, allowing for enhanced agent support and case management in a friendly, easy-to-use interface that any user can pick up and work with intuitively. For existing Salesforce customers, rockITCX can be installed as a productized package into your existing Salesforce deployment.
For those new to Salesforce, rockITdata can provide Salesforce licensing with competitive pricing as part of rockITCX, delivering the potential for hundreds of dollars in savings per employee per month!

Getting Started, as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Submit Scoping Doc: Submit the scoping document via rockITdata’s website or the Amazon AWS Marketplace and agree to rockITdata and Amazon’s terms and conditions.
2. Approval and Setup: Once our team evaluates your submission and approves your access, your AWS tenant is activated, and you receive comprehensive instructions and credentials to set up the custom solution.
3. Seamless Operation: Experience the transformational power of a rockITCX complete contact center solution for your free trial.

Operational and Support Requirements:


Starting your trial is as easy as completing the Scoping Doc and reviewing the self-fulfillment instructions.

Setup and Support:

With our no-code setup for Amazon Connect, configuring your contact center is easy! What used to take hundreds of person-hours to accomplish can be done in only a few hours, allowing you to configure Amazon Connect tailor-made for your business without requiring coding. rockITdata will provide detailed setup instructions, and our friendly support team is available to help fill the gaps. Self-guided resources are also available, including overview videos, sales documents, and solution guides.


When your free trial has passed, we make it feel like the trial never ended. Because you have already been using your tailor-made solution, all you have to do is choose the best pricing plan to continue redefining your customer experience journey!


rockITCX bases pricing around your needs and consumption. The base MSRP of rockITCX is $125 per seat per month. This includes AWS consumption and out of box Salesforce desktop. Salesforce licensing is not included. To have Amazon Work Force Management included with rockITCX it will cost an additional $25 per seat per month.
To receive a free customized quote for your business needs, please complete the rockITCX Try and Buy application.

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