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What is a Cloud Call Center?

Customers use an average of 10 channels to communicate with companies, and they expect a personalized experience across them all. Supervisors and agents need a better way to handle call volume, speed up call resolution, and bring the power of AI/ML into the contact center to deliver a connected customer service experience.

Benefits of a cloud call center:


By simply introducing a new integration module, most cloud-based systems make it simple to integrate with other corporate programs such as CRM. A cloud call center, for example, would seek to connect a CRM and a ticketing system. The extensive use of integration APIs makes it easier to achieve seamless integration. Furthermore, if a call center wishes to add chat as a channel, it can do so fast, typically on the same day.

At-home agents

With a good internet connection, cloud technologies may be accessed from anywhere. A cloud call center can use this to assemble a team of at-home agents. Being able to hire agents who can work remotely is advantageous in markets where it is difficult to recruit and hire skilled agents. Many call center agents also view working from home to be a benefit.


The on-demand nature of cloud solutions allows true scalability for companies when needed. When contact centers receive a higher volume of cases than typical (for example, during busy holiday seasons), extra agents may be hired as needed to meet demand, allowing for infinite scalability.

Reduced costs

Cloud solutions are extremely cost-effective since they eliminate the large upfront fees that on-premises solutions often entail. Hosted cloud solutions can be upgraded for a minimal cost, allowing contact centers to integrate platforms and save money by employing a pay-as-you-go consumption model.

Superior customer experiences are the natural result of firms being able to staff trained agents around the world 24/7. Customers will notice and appreciate a company’s efficiency in handling their problems and saving them time. Our “rockITcontact” cloud contact center solution powered by our technology partners, AWS and Salesforce, is bringing together the call center agent, the supervisor, and the customer, in real-time, for the first time ever.